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Organic Ingredients

Pizza Girl

A New Generation of Old World Authentic Italian Pasta Sauce

We are very straight up when it comes to our authentic organic Italian pasta sauce ingredients. Listed on every jar is our 100% USDA organic and gluten-free ingredients: antioxidant-rich 100% organic tomatoes,  organic olive oil, fresh organic garlic, fresh organic basil, and fresh organic onions. Keep in mind there are no preservatives, sugar or water added to our authentic organic Italian pasta sauce.

authentic italian pasta sauce

High Quality Locally Sourced Organic Tomatoes

Authentic organic Italian pasta sauce starts with high-quality ingredients. We slowly simmer our sauces for a whole day for the best flavor. Our ingredients are all high quality locally sourced and organic. Pizza Girl’s authentic organic Italian pasta sauce is a great start to healthy living.

The Freshest Onions & Basil

We only use the best ingredients for the best flavor. All our ingredients come from 100% organic locally sourced farms starting with fresh garlic, onion, and basil. They are all locally sourced within the Malibu area. Expect only the best from Pizza Girl.

Organic Garlic

Much of our flavor comes from fresh garlic. It’s been known to cure many ailments and was used during old-world medicine. Since garlic is antibacterial it helps aid with the immune system. The latest research shows it also helps in fighting cancer, infections, and heart disease. Garlic is also great for your bloods circulatory system.

Organic Olive Oil

Our organic olive oil is the freshest in the market. Our oil also contains vitamins A, D, E and K. Using this type of oil has proven to help lower heart disease and add years to your life. Last but not least our imported olive oil is loaded with brain booster Omega-3’s.

Vodka Sauce

Authentic Italian pasta sauce starts with quality ingredients. Never sacrifice the quality of your ingredients, instead consider using our Old World Italian Vodka sauce which only contains the highest quality USDA Organic ingredients. You’ll notice our flavor is straight out of Italy handed down through generations of family.

Marinara Sauce

Our Marinara Sauce has been a long-lasting family tradition originating from Naples Italy. It’s delicious with various pasta but also a great starting point for Old World Italian meals that require authentic Italian pasta sauce. The authentic taste of our marinara sauce comes from our family recipes and high quality locally sourced organic ingredients.

Puttanesca Sauce

The classics will always be the classics and our Puttanesca Sauce is one of them. This style of authentic Italian pasta sauce is known as a specialty within the Campania region. The delicious aroma from our Puttanesca Sauce will lure in many to the table asking for more.