Origins of Pizza Girl’s Old World Italian Pasta Sauce

Caroline D’Amore is the daughter of legendary Pizza restaurateur Joe D’Amore, known in Los Angeles for their delicious, authentic old world Italian pasta sauce and pizza fare. In recent years, Caroline has established her own D’Amore’s Pizza location on West 3rd Street in Los Angeles along with starting the D’Amores catering company and launching their food truck. Caroline continues to build on the D’Amore passion for authentic old world Italian pasta sauce and Italian food with the launch of Pizza Girl.

“Essentially, the pizza business is in my DNA and I am proud to carry on the tradition through my own interpretation, keeping my grandmother’s recipes alive, following in my dad’s footsteps and adding my own touch.” – Caroline D’Amore

When Caroline is not stirring sauce, she can be seen on the turntables around the globe, or being a mom to daughter Isabella Viking.

A New Generation of Old World Italian Pasta Sauce

Growing up in the restaurant industry, I lived and breathed pizza and old world Italian pasta sauce. I quickly became known as ‘Pizza Girl’. After running my own restaurant (and continuing to do so) I realized that I wanted to expand on my family history thus continue the legacy that my great grandmother, grandmother, and father started then one day pass it down to my daughter Isabella, from this  ‘Pizza Girl’, the business, was born. Pizza Girl currently features a line of old world Italian pasta sauce and pizza sauces which honors my heritage through using my grandmother’s recipes and my love of California by using only locally sourced 100% organic ingredients. So join us in:

 Recreating the magic of old world Italy with the newest generation in a family legacy.

Old World Italian Pasta Sauce, Pizza Girl Style.

Our motivation for creating something different… a new generation of Authentic Old World Italian Pasta Sauce. Take another look at our selection of Old World Italian Style sauces, and it is easy to see a hand-crafted recipe passed down to a modern generation. With the blessing of an Italian family, Pizza Girl is here to put love back into pasta sauce.

Keeping the legacy alive,


Caroline D’Amore, CEO